Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Fresh Meat over Frozen Meat

Hello guys, how is the week so far? I am having a great week and a great stay in India. Really like everyone says there is no place like home and the perks of being a food blogger is that you can work from any where in the world. So today while my kiddo is enjoying her day with "Naani", I would like to pour my thoughts and information on " Why we should prefer Fresh Meat over Frozen Meat" and later, in the article I have mentioned about "Licious", a new Online Meat Delivery Portal that I have discovered.

Frozen food is as real as it can get for this generation due to our fast paced lives. What is amusing is that we have developed an obsession for lean bodies and are extremely inclined towards a lifestyle that has incorporated intensive workouts and a regular diet but we have refrigerators full of frozen meat. For a meat lover frozen meat is less time consuming, has easy accessibility and offers less risk of rotting. All of which make a great argument for buying fresh meat. If you are consuming meat every day or once every two days it really does not make sense to advise you to buy fresh meat every single day of your life knowing that such practice is meant only for people who are in the profession, not for you at a hectic, mentally all- consuming job. The easy solution to this is frozen meat available almost in all supermarkets and stores at reasonable prices.

Frozen meat is an irreplaceable item in your Sunday shopping list. You buy huge quantities of it and store it in your freezer to be consumed on the days to follow. Sundays and Mondays are lavish days when you cook and consume larger chunks of the meat and make the choice of dishes. Tuesdays and Wednesday are when you realize that meat is a blessing and you begin to use it more judiciously. Thursdays are always the leftover days. You use the leftovers and the last couple of meat pieces you never liked needs to be savoured. Fridays and Saturdays are vegetarian/takeout days when you no longer have access to meat that can be cooked at home. This is probably the gist of the life of meat lovers leading busy lives and depending greatly on frozen meat.

As easy it is for anyone to list out pros of fresh meat and cons of frozen meat, it is true that frozen meat fits seamlessly into our lives today. It literally has been designed to suit our lifestyle so it gets full points for convenience and accessibility. What it fails to offer is the same tenderness, freshness and health quotient of fresh meat. The smarter approach to this would be to buy fresh meat as often as possible, and rely on frozen meat only when you fail to take time out to go to a meat shop to buy fresh and tender meat. You could also avoid storing frozen meat for too long, try and consume the frozen meat at the earliest to avoid further degradation of the meat.

Licious is an online meat store offering great cuts and fresh, tender meat of huge variety at your doorstep. You can now order meat online from Licious to avail the most beautiful cuts of meat and seafood. Licious is the first of its kind to start online meat delivery to make our lives easier and healthier.

So, let's try to include fresh meat and fruits in our diet over frozen ones to lead a healthier lifestyle.

Hope you all enjoyed the article. See you all next time meanwhile, please check out our online Qulinary Meals Menu for healthy home made food.

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