Monday, November 30, 2015

Punjabi Samosa

Hello Hunnieess, this is a quick post by me, though the recipe is quiet time consuming. Presentation is not that cool as, I decided to make them at the last moment and we were super duper hungry when it was done, any ways who cares for the presentation, when the food is so yum : )


Monday, November 23, 2015

Grub Desi Catering: Desi Punjabi Menu

Hello readers, how you doing. I am doing just awesome as I had an awesome vacation for a week. It was my HD’s birthday and we celebrated it on cruise “Super Fun”, but before going for the trip, we catered another successful party and this time we did Desi style Punjabi Food:- Achari Kukkad (Murg/Chicken), Butter Chicken and Shahi Paneer with Phulkas or Rotis.

Sharing below some pics from that day:-

Achari Murg (1 of 1)

Hot Spicy Chatakedaar Achari Murg

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Grub Desi Catering: Rajasthani Food

Hello friends, last week we served an authentic Rajasthani/Marwadi food at a party and it was a huge hit. We just loved doing it, as this food is so close to our heart and we have grown up eating it. Thanks a lot Mumma for making such amazing food for us all the time, and teaching me too.

Sharing below some pictures from that day!!! We had Jal Jeera and Fusion Shrikhand too in the menu, not in the pics though.

IMG_20151025_0954339971Daal Baat Churma in the top row and Stuffed Chilla Rolls, Dahi Bhalle & Badi Papad ki Subzi from left to right in the bottom row.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Grub Desi Catering: South Indian Food

Hello friends, I know I  am not very regular at posting these days, as life is getting busier and busier, but hey I am not complaining at all, it feels super awesome to see Grub Desi growing and receiving such wonderful feedback from our customers.

Last Sunday, we served a wide spread of South Indian food at a birthday party. In this post I am sharing some of the pictures of dishes that we prepared, quickly photographed by me : )


Vegetable Vada!!! Urad Daal & Rice Vada with a surprise vegetable in it : )

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Fun filled Workshop at Campbell Community Center

Hello guyss, had a successful & fun filled session at Campbell Community Centre on Sep 26th, where we made various Indian Party Dishes. Here goes our Menu for the day:- Appetizer - Chicken Tikka, two yummy Entrée's - Butter Chicken & Daal Tadka, the world famous Naan Bread, Cilantro chutney/dip and to end things on a sweet note we made creamy tasty Rice Kheer (Indian Rice Pudding).

Sharing with you all, some pics from the class below (faces blurred due to privacy reasons)


Monday, September 14, 2015

Grub Desi Menu for September 17th, Thursday

Hello guys, presenting to you, our this week’s menu. Order food from your mobile and get it delivered for free at your doorstep, well I guess, it can’t get easier than this!!!!

Delivery details:- Order by Wed, Sep. 16th 1:00 PM and get on Thursday, Sep. 17th between 12pm-3pm (Please leave a cooler outside for us to drop food in, in-case you are not at home) Delivery Minimum $30, Fee $7, Free above $60

To Order: Download the quliary application available on App Store and Google Play (Click here to Download the app).

Click on the image or here for the Menu.

Grub Desi Menu

Monday, August 24, 2015

Indian Party Menu (Workshop at Campbell Community Center)

by Neetu

Hello friends, I would love to mention here that our new venture, Gurb Desi (click here for the link to menu) is gaining a lot of popularity now and the list of our loyal customers is increasing week by week, this is definitely due to the blessings and support of our well wishers, thanks a lot to everyone for supporting us.

Talking about our todays post, I am super duper happy/excited to announce a food workshop/class, that I am going to conduct at Campbell Community Center i.e. “Indian Party Menu”.



Learn some simple and fun ways to make the most famous authentic Indian Party dishes with adaptations for local taste buds. There will also be ideas given on how to convert these recipes to other Indian Delicacies. Participants will receive recipes to take home. Menu: Chicken Tikka (appetizer) , Naan Bread, Dal Tadka with Butter Chicken and Rice Kheer (rice pudding). A $15 food and material fee is payable to the instructor at class.

Indian Party Menu

Grand Snacks Pickles & Thokku

by Mahalakshmi (Mahi)

The Grand Snacks and Sweets is a very famous sweets and savory shop in Chennai. They specialize in South-Indian Sweet and Snack items. It is based in Adyar, Chennai and now, they have few franchises too!

The food prepared there is very fresh and hygienic and they taste yummy!  People used to buy this when they travel abroad as it is very convenient to mix with rice and eat. It gives a comfort feeling of having a home cooked meal. I bought it too, when I traveled here :)  I was so excited to find it in grocery stores in USA. 


Thursday, August 6, 2015

Cotton Soft Blueberry Muffins

Hope you guys enjoyed the Egg Pops (Click here for the recipe), so now it’s time for a small celebration. My daughter got a gift from the library today "a book and free pass to Kids Discovery Museum", though it was not a big event or any participation, still I thought to encourage her for this and made these cotton soft Blueberry Muffins for her. (I call these cotton soft as these will really melt in the mouth, so kids enjoy them a lot)

She told her Dad "Papa, I got this gift because I danced with my Teacher like this" and started singing her rhymes and dancing, Oh God these little sweet moments as so much fun!!! Just loved it :)


Monday, August 3, 2015

Egg Pops

Doesn't it feels awesome, when husband comes from office and makes tea and some yummy treat for you???? I just love being so pampered!!!!

I was not feeling well, so he came early from office and made this creative and fun snack for us and yes our kiddo loved it too, she is a super fussy eater like any other toddler, but this was super fun for her too, so gulped 3 of them down in no time, happy happy me!!!

Egg Pops

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Grub Desi Menu (Saturday 11th July)


Hello Guys, I feel really happy to announce that we got a great response for our last week's menu. Customers just loved the food and ordered again, today itself.

Presenting to you guys the menu for coming Saturday. Order now and get a discount of 25% on your first meal!!!

Our Menu for 11th July (Saturday)

Order by Fri, Jul 10th 2:00 PM and get 25% discount on your first Order

Delivery Minimum $30, Fee $7, Free above $60

To Order: Download the qulinary application available on App Store and Google Play (Click here to Download the app)

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Grub Desi Menu (Happy Independence Day)

Hello everyone, after getting a very good response for my meals at Bite Club (India), I want to continue the saga here as well, so presenting to you guys at the comfort of your own home The Indian Authentic Meal, cooked by me with lots of love and those homemade secret spices. I have started this venture in collaboration with (Click on the name for the link)

About Grub Desi

At Grub Desi we want you to enjoy the flavorsome, authentic Indian meal, which is adapted to local taste buds (keeping it low on spices and oil). We want our customers to relish other Indian Delicacies as well, than just Butter Chicken and Samosas, which is why we have items like Broccoli Koftas/balls, Gobhi Bhare Tamatar (Stuffed Tomatoes) in our menu.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Kasoori Egg Roast

Hello folks, how was the weekend??? I had a nice lazy weekend, didn’t do much except completing one whole season of ‘Pretty Little Liars’. Have guys seen it, if so lemme know in the comments below, whose  your favorite, not amongst the girls but Boys.

Ok, now coming back to our post, this was again an improvised dish like Vermicelli Arrabbiata (Click ‘here’ for the recipe) last time, with the  ingredients available at home. I love the flavor and aroma of Kasoori Methi so substituted curry leaves with it, and yes the outcome was Lip Smacking!!!


Friday, June 12, 2015

Vermicelli Arrabbiata

Ok this is not a new story, but most of the time I feel super lazy to cook  when I have to cook just for myself. Yes, I know almost all of us do, but  this is when our “Jugaaru” mind (is there an English word for that, let me know in the comments below) comes into picture and we end up creating something interesting. This is what happened today and I named it Vermicelli Arrabbiata!!!