Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Quaker Oats Plus - Multigrain Advantage ‘Product Review’

by Neetu

Hello friends a very Good Morning.. Wassup!!! I begin my day with a brainstorming session with myself on the topic “Healthy breakfast for my kiddo” and to kind of sort that out a little bit I have found one new product in the market, which is “Quaker Oats Plus” and I made these yummy Multigrain Sago Pancakes using this product (you can find the video recipe here) so will be reviewing that in my today’s post.


PACKING of the product:- 

It comes in a usual airtight pack with attractive pictures and information printed on it.


Rs. 62 for 300gms and with an assumption of using 45gms of dry product in one serving the cost comes out to be Rs. 10.33/serving.


It’s easily available in all the supermarkets and grocery stores.


Oats (60%), Wheat Flakes (18%), Barley Flakes (15%), Ragi Flakes (5%), Sugar, Salt, Malt Extract.

#Used as natural flavouring agent


I did not follow the cooking instructions mentioned on the pack, but made a savory version of it.



  • Heat some oil in a pan & add chopped veggies, sauté for 2-3 mins or till they become a little softer.
  • Add the oats plus, spices as per taste and water, Cook till it becomes thick and is cooked perfectly.
  • Served with Curd or just like that.


  • Packing  is descent and attracts the buyer.
  • Easy and fast to cook.
  • A very versatile product, one can cook 100 different things with new and innovative ideas.
  • Very healthy product indeed, contains a whole lot of goodness like Wheat, Oats, Ragi & Barley which have have very good properties as a cereal.
  • Cereals are in pressed form not powdered, which gives the dish a texture and doesn’t make the end product like paste.
  • Contains some added flavouring agents which gives it a nice subtle taste.
  • It does taste good like our simple home-made khichri, so one can enjoy the taste along with the health.
  • Easy on pocket for Rs. 10.33/serving.


  • I have become such a big fan of this product that I just can’t see any cons in this one, but if I have to mention any it is that it says, Contains added flavouring agents, so we are always doubtful of that.


All in all a very good product for sure, which takes care of health as well as taste. I am definitely going to buy this again once I finish up this one.


I thought of rating products on the scale of 5 instead of 2 now onwards, so will give this product a 4.5 ( -.5 because of just con mentioned above)

Link to Company’s Web Site:-

Check out the company’s website for more information on this as well as the other products.


Thanks for reading the review hope it was helpful, do try this product and checkout our review of other products as well, (you can find the link here). Bbyee Tc.


  1. Hello. Thanks for review. 'Quaker Oats Plus' contains sugar, salt, and added flavours. Is it still a healthy deal?

    1. Hey, Yes its a healthy deal as we all know the benefits of oats, high on fiber content as well as well as very good for controlling blood pressure. Oats Plus has other grains as well that make it even healthier. Talking about sugar and salt, I guess we will need them for any preparation even if you cook simple oats. Flavors are added in almost every store bought or processed food (to make up for the flavors that were lost during processing) so is with Oats plus, and we don't really get to know what exactly are those, so as mentioned in my post above can't really comment on that, its a personal choice.

      Hope that helps.