Saturday, August 2, 2014

Knorr Punjabi Chicken Curry Review

by Aman

Hello readers, after being quite impressed with the reviews of Knorr Chinese post (You can find the link here) on HC I was excited to try this Punjabi Chicken Curry as soon as I saw it, but wasn’t really happy with the results, posting today the demo and review of same. Enjoyyyy!!!!

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It’s the same as any other ready to cook products from Knorr, opaque airtight pack.

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Rs.40  for 46 gms and it serves 2-3 People.


Preparation for Culinary Paste (Sauce) Ingredients: Dehydrated Onion, Spices & Condiments, Salt, Sugar, Refined Wheat Flour, Edible Vegetable Fat, Tomato Paste Solids, Garlic powder, Fruit Powder, Yeast Extract powder, Anticaking Agent-551, Acidity Regulator-330. May contain Traces of Soya, Milk and Nuts


12 Months


  • Mix entire contents with Knorr® Punjabi Chicken Curry with 1 ½ cups of water. Marinate 500 gms of chicken in the Knorr mix and leave for ½ hour.
  • Heat 1 tbsp of oil in a pan. Add the marinated chicken and bring to a boil.

Punjabi Chicken

  • Cover and cook on a slow flame for 20 minutes or until the chicken is done and the gravy has thickened.
  • Transfer into serving dish and serve hot with Rice/Chapati/Parantha etc.

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Yes finally I get to taste it.


  • Packing of the product is hygienic and airtight to keep the content safe.
  • Shelf life is 12 months, which is very good.
  • This serves 2-3 people for Rs. 40 so definitely pocket friendly.
  • Easy to use, and reduces the effort.
  • Easy to store pack.
  • The taste of the gravy was good and spices were quite balanced, nothing over-powering.


  • It took almost 1 hr. to cook, so didn’t save on time.
  • Didn’t taste like original Punjabi Chicken, it was lacking fresh ingredients.
  • As per the steps of preparation mention on the pack, we have to marinate the chicken for 30 mins, still it was bland and tasteless from inside.
  • Had lots of starch in the gravy, which didn’t taste good.
  • Contains artificial flavouring and anti-caking agents which are not considered to be very healthy.


I would give this product just .5 thumbs up as I didn’t enjoy the taste much and it to almost took the same time as it takes when we cook from scratch. Cooking from scratch tastes undoubtedly better and is much healthier. Only positive point it that it reduces the effort and energy of cooking.

It tasted much better the next day so maybe, marination time has to be increased and serve with chapati or parantha as didn’t go well with rice.

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