Monday, April 9, 2012

Sambar/ Tangy Lentil Preparation

by Neetu

Its thin, tangy lentil preparation without which no meal it complete in south India.. The tang in the dish is bought by adding tamarind and the awesome flavor is bought adding a time tested blend of spices… It tastes best when its served steaming hot… I made idly and sambar for the dinner but was so excited to eat that I forgot to take pics of sambar alone. : )

This quantity will serve 3-4 ppl..



Red Gram (arhar dal): 1 Cup
Onions: 2 Chopped Roughly
(Ghiya): 1/2 Small Chopped Roughly
Tamarind pulp: 4-5 Tbsp
Sambhar Powder: 2 tbsp
Water: as required
Salt: to taste

For Tempring (Tadka)
Oil/Ghee(Clarified butter): 3-4 Tbsp
Asafetida (hing): a pinch
Dry Red Chilly: 2 pieces
Mustard Seeds: 1/2 tsp
Curry Leaves: Few
Red Chilly Pwder: to taste


  • Wash and soak lentil for 1/2 to 1 hr. after that drain the water and pressure cook with 4 cups water and salt, give 1 whistle then reduce the flame and cook for 5 mins.
  • Mash the dal when pressure comes down and keep aside, meanwhile prepare the tempering.
  • Heat oil in a pan add mustard seeds, when it crackles add curry leaves & red chilly stir for 30 sec.
  • Add onions and cook till it turns brown.


  • Add vegetables, little salt ( take care while adding salt as we have already added salt in the dal) ,tamarind pulp, sambar powder, & water if required.


  • Mix properly and cook till veggies are tender then add red chilly powder.


  • Add boiled dal, 1 cup water, mix properly and simmer on slow flame for 5 mins.


  • Serve super hot with idly, dosa, vada…. etc etc…. Smile

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