Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Nachani (Ragi) Schezwan Sticks

by Ishetta

It was a lazy Saturday evening and after a whole day of office work, I did not want to go out though wanted to enjoy the evening with my family. Finger food is what we thought of having but then health is our priority too. Thus came the creative cooking idea of making a healthy finger food dish.

Nachani Schwezan Sticks 6


For the Sticks:
1 cup of Nachani Flour
2 tbsp of Schwezan Sauce
1 tsp of vinegar
Half cup of tomato puree
Hal cup of grated cabbage and carrot
½ Tsp of Corn Flour dissolved in water
Salt and black pepper to taste

For Cooking:
½ Cup of Refined Semolina.
2 tbsp of Sesame Seed

Nachani Schwezan Sticks 1

Preparation Time:  15 mins


10 -12 medium size sticks


  • Mix well all the above ingredients in bowl mentioned for stick.
  • Then make medium size cylindrical shaped sticks.
  • Roll each of these stick in the semolina.
  • Heat some oil in a pan and sprinkle sesame seeds on the same.
  • Then place the sticks on the pan and roll it well over the sesame seeds.

Nachani Schwezan Sticks

  • Shallow  fry until golden brown from all sides.
  • Serve it hot with your choice of dips.

Nachani Schwezan Sticks 5

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  1. Delicious and colorful looking schewzan sticks. Excellent pics.