Saturday, July 5, 2014

Quaker Nutri POHA “Product Review”

by Neetu

Hello everyone. How are you guyz doing? Today was a fun day for Molly and me both, enjoyed the company of good n like minded friends and it was so very refreshing, but sadly yesterday was not so good for my sweetheart, she got her two vaccinations done and it turned out to be a little hectic for me. Therefore, in the jiffy I tried this Quaker Nutri POHA (Home Style) to satisfy my hunger and will review the same in today’s post.

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Comes in a usual sealed airtight pack to maintain the freshness of the contents.

DSC05410 (1024x576) (1024x576)


Rs. 26 for 450 gms and it serves 1-2 People.


DSC05413 (1024x576) (1024x576)


It carries a shelf life of 6 months.


  • Empty POHA Pack in a non stick pan, add 225 ml water and 1-2 tsp oil.
  • Cover and cook for 2-3 mins on low flame.
  • Remove from gas and keep undisturbed for 3 mins.
  • Mix, garnish and serve hot.
  • Can be made in the microwave in the same way, just use microwave safe bowl to cook.

Poha 1


Ummm feeling hungry again.


  • Cooks within 5 mins and that’s super quick.
  • Much healthier options than noodles or other instant food items available in market.
  • Can be had any time of the day.
  • Just require water and a bit of oil extra rest everything comes within the pack.
  • Shelf life of 6 months is quite good.


  • The texture of the final dish was not as shown on the pack, you can see in my pic it was very mushy and sticky.
  • It had a particular smell which is present in ready to eat meals and I don’t like that.
  • Available in just two flavours Home Style and Pudina Chutney.


I will rate this product as .5 thumbs up, as I couldn’t finish up the whole thing because of the smell that I have mentioned in cons so it was quite a turn off for me. It definitely earns points on the fact that it is a healthy alternative to satisfy your hunger in a jiffy.

Sadly, I am not willing to buy the product again.

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LINK to the Company’s Website:-

You can check out the company’s official site for information on other products and recipes here

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