Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Dabur Homemade Tamarind Paste (Product Review)

by Neetu

Hello Friends, How was your weekend??? I had a nice fun weekend this time, went to my in-laws place and as usual had a great company of my co-sis & bil, “Mansi I still laugh on stories that you told me  : D”.

Coming back to our post now, I will review this ready to use Tamarind Paste by Dabur, I have used this in many recipes and the recent ones are Guhugni & Tamarind Rice (you can find the recipe here & here), so enjoy the post and do try out the recipe. : )

Tamarind Paste

PACKING of the product :- 

It comes in a handy airtight pack, which is very easy to handle and store, but once open you will have to transfer the content in any other container.


Rs. 32 for 200 gms of the product.


Tamarind Ingredients


Very easily available from small grocery stores to big supermarkets.



  • Airtight and handy packing makes it easy to store.
  • Quantity of product that you get for the price is quite good.
  • Carries a shelf life of 9 months, which is also quite good for the quantity.
  • The product lasts for long, as the product is a thick concentrate, so a whole lot of flavour in less quantity.
  • Easily available everywhere form big cities to small towns.
  • The best feature for me is that it reduces the time and effort a lot, soaking and then taking the pulp out of tamarind is quite a task I must say.
  • Enhances taste to any dish to which you add the product.


  • Contains preservatives, which are obviously not there in the when you make it freshly at home.
  • Colour of the pulp is very dark, so the colour of final dish also changes when you add it to the dish.
  • One has to transfer the content in a separate container, once the pack is open.
  • It contains salt, so one has to be a little careful in adding salt to the dish.


Personally, I think it’s an awesome product and I keep stocking it in my fridge once it’s used you, but if you are effected with the cons that I have mentioned, you can avoid it.


I would love to give this product a 5/5 if its me who has to use it, but will give 4/5 considering the cons that the product has.


You can check out the company’s official site for more information


Ok, guyzz that’s it from me hope you liked the post. Please do mention your reviews in the comments below if you have used this or any other product from Dabur Homemade.

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