Monday, September 22, 2014

The Ancient Barbeque “Restaurant Review”

by Neetu

Normally on weekends our day starts in the afternoon, I know that doesn’t sound very great, but that is how it is, and I always wanted to go for a Sunday Brunch since ages, but I don’t know when that is gonna happen, anyhow not Sunday brunch, we went for Saturday Lunch at this new place called “The Ancient Barbeque”.

The Ancient Barbeque is an another restaurant, with the concept of setting  up a small grill on the your dining table itself, nice, but not new. We all know that Barbeque Nation and Pirates of Grill has achieved tremendous success with the same concept already, so now the question is that will TAB be able to give it peers a tough competition, and prove its worth. I think the answer is Yes, let’s checkout the review to know why and on what grounds.


Please ignore my sleepless eyes : )


TAB has two out-lets as of now one in  Noida and another Guragaon (We went to Gurgaon Obviously)

  • Goodearth City Centre, Sector 48, Sohna Road, Gurgaon. PHONE: 0124 4690667, 0124 4690668

  • H-27/1A, Sector 63, Noida. PHONE: 0120 4112274, 0120 4112273


Multi- Cuisine


PicMonkey Collage

It’s a Buffet!!!


Rs. 1000 to 1200 + Taxes for two, depending on your choice of meal.


Staff ware very courteous and polite, I liked the service overall, apart from the thing that re-service for starters took way long, and he bought just two pieces of paneer in the second serve, so we asked for it again and  the same thing, two pieces of Paneer again.


It has huge sitting area, maybe because it is spread on just one floor, and matching up to its name, interiors were also done keeping the Ancient Theme in mind, nice set up over all, but I must say that the energy and fun element was missing which I really enjoy at the other similar venues. I was not that lively!!!!



Paneer Tikka Atishi: Perfect marinade and grilled, soft from inside yet flavorful.

Kache Kele Ki Shammi: Tasted like potato cutlets, but hey, I am not complaining, I liked it.

Salsa Potatoes: Burnt, bitter and cold potatoes, same thing when served twice third time I didn’t try.


Cinnamon Grilled Pineapple: best thing so far juicy and yum!!!

Kesari Soya Shaslik: Soya chaaps were not blunt like they serve at many other places, but bit over spicy for me.


Mocktails: Tried two of them this was some grilled pineapple, tastes descent but the litchi Ice tea was really yummy.


The 3 dips- Mayo, Mustard and Chilly Garlic, nothing too special to mention.

The 3 Marinades: Butter, Thyme oil & Garlic Oil, didn’t try (to be honest : ) )


Yup, this was the best thing, they served Pineapple and Paneer without spices for my baby and we didn’t we ask for it.


Salad Counter: Being a Salad lover,  I thought this was a wonderful spread, but to my disappointment I tried Pasta Salad, Potato & Pineapple Salad and Paneer & Tomato Salad and they were : ( only potato and pineapple tasted just descent.


I felt Main-Course is the best amongst the peers, and the best was Veg. Dumplings in Hot Bean Sauce, Subz Miloni and the soft melt-in-mouth Butter Naan. Pasta in Duet Sauce, Paneer Mirch Masala & Chatpate Aalu also tasted very good.


And this was the dessert spread, I felt Pirates of Grill has the best dessert counter so far, but this was still better than Barbeque Nation.


Seviyan was creamy, but way too sweet for me.

Beet Halwa was very interesting and tasted descent like any other halwa, I could taste nice creamy khoya in it.

Best or I should say bestest was “The Browine” just loved it, melt-in-mouth, yummy you can just keep on adding the adjectives.

  • Apart from these pics, I tried there Chicken Tikka in Non-Veg, that was also great, soft juicy and full of flavours.


I enjoyed my Lunch at this place, if we ignore the little service dis-appointments, the experience was quite enjoyable, I would love to re-visit the place as the buffet is very reasonably priced, and had a vast food options but, the usual stuff nothing very special or new.

HC Ratings:-

I will give TAB a 4/5 as it could have been more fun if the ambience was more lively and if the menu was more interesting and different, than just playing safe!!!

Okkzz, I hope you guyzz enjoyed this review, please let me know, if anything more or interesting could be added to the review, Take Care Bbyee.

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  1. Very nice review of the restaurant. 3.5 is a decent rating. Thanks for posting.