Monday, September 22, 2014

Vezlay Soya Chikka “Product Review”

by Neetu

Hello Everyone, How are you guyzz doing??? Last few days were a little tiring, these toddlers have some or the other problem all the time, after that cold session, I don’t know, but something is irritating her so much, maybe it’s teething, she doesn’t eat anything and scream & shout for the whole day. Today, was a little better so finally completed my Restaurant Review post and started working on this one, what a relief!!!!

Talking about the post now, last week I made Soya Chikka Biryani (Click on the name for the recipe), using this “Vezlay Soya Chikka” the biryani came out really well, but was not very impressed with the Product, want to know why, check out the post!!!

Soya Chikka Biryani

PACKING of the product :- 

The first covering is of very thin cardboard and inside that, it had two sliver colour tetra packs containing the Soya Chikka.


Rs. 68/- for 100gms.


6 Months.


Available in Supermarkets like More Mega Store & Food Bazar,  maybe at small grocery stores also, I am not very sure about that.


Soya and Natural ingredients, as mentioned on pack.


Mentioned above, I made Soya Chikka Biryani using this (click on the name for the recipe).



  • Considering it is a perishable product, the company claims to have a shelf life of 6 months, which is very good.
  • Easy, fast and convenient to use, one doesn’t need to boil or soak for using. 
  • Pre-marinated so one doesn’t need to spice it up and it doesn’t taste blunt after cooking.


  • Yes, it was a tetra pack, still leaked this was the major dis-appointment for me.
  • I felt it’s a bit over-priced, you get just 100 gms in Rs. 68/-
  • I didn’t like the taste, it was like soya pickle.
  • Soya Chunks very chewy and not soft.
  • Not very easily available specially outside Delhi.
  • No details mentioned about the ingredients on the pack, inside the pack as well as on their website, so we don’t know what we are eating.


This is the first Product Review so far where I had so many cons to say than Pros, normally I hunt for Cons but it was easy here : ), I think that’s says enough, still if you want me to say then No, I won’t buy this product again, but I can still try the other product from the Brand.


I will give this product 2/5 as it is easy and convenient to cook, taste is my personal liking or disliking, which may vary from person to person.


You can check out the company’s official site for more information

Ok, guyzz that’s it from me, hope you liked the post. Please do mention your reviews in the comments below if you have used this or any other Brand’s Brown Rice product of Vezlay.

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