Sunday, December 14, 2014

Online Fruits & Vegetables Sellers in Delhi & NCR

by Aman

Hello Friends, I would like to share my experience on online vegetable shopping in Gurgaon and  a  list that I have complied together, of the online fruits & vegetables seller in Delhi and NCR. Yes, in today’s busy and hectic life online shopping is such a relief, but I never thought I will be shopping vegetables online, seriously!!

I have experienced the services of Fruggies and Freshveggy only from the list given below and was quite happy with both of them, have mentioned the details, further in the post. As a declaimer I would like to mention that tried to note down the information as per the best of my knowledge, if you have any additions to it  please do mention in the comments below.

If you guys have personal experience with any of the below mentioned (or other) seller please mention the comments below so that others can benefit with the information  provided by you.


So here goes our list:-


I have ordered fruits and vegetables from fruggies 3-4 times and the experience has been more than satisfactory every time. The quality and packing of products is very good and the customer support is also quite appreciable, they don’t store the vegetables, it’s obviously good to have fresh vegetables delivered, but actually I  forgot to add apples in my list once and next day when I called them to send it along with the rest of my order, it could not happen : (


Products Available:

A wide variety of fruits and vegetables both Indian and Imported available on their website and in the dairy section they have Paneer and Dahi.

Delivery Area:

Presently they deliver in Gurgaon don’t know if they plan to expand.


Website/Portal is very easy to use and understand.

Link to website:

Click on the website name for the link


I have ordered once  from them and yes the service and products were again very good, when compared to fruggies prices of the products were a little on the lower side, but fruggies gains an extra point on packing.

Sorry I didn’t click pic, but yes the vegetable were fresh and neat.

Products Available:

It has the widest range of fruits and vegetable both Indian as well as International, as per my experience and I was very happy with the option available.

Delivery Area:

Presently delivery in Gurgaon, website says they plan to start the service in Delhi and  NCR as well


The website is nice and easy to use, but I found it a little un-organized, I would have been happier if the products we displayed section wise on separate pages.

Link to Website:


Now that I have not experienced the service of the below mentioned seller, I thought of compiling the list in a tabular form so that its easy to read and understand.

S. No. Seller Products Delivery Area Website
1. GO ONIONS Grocery, Fruits,Vegetable, Meat, Bakery and more Gurgaon
2. GREEN VEGGY Fruits & Vegetables both Indian and Imported Gurgaon
3. JAGS FRESH Fruits & Vegetables both Indian and Imported Delhi, Gurgaon & Noida
4. SABZI KART Fruits & Vegetables both Indian and Imported Noida & Indirapuram
5. YE DE DO Fruits & Vegetables Both Organic and Normal

Delhi, Gurgaon & Noida
6. SABZI ON WHEELS Fruits & Vegetables both Indian and Imported Gurgaon
7. AAPNA MANDI Grocery, Personal & Home Care, Meat & More Dwarka
8. YOUR SABJIWALA Fruits,Vegetables,Grocery,Dairy & More Noida
9. MANGO SHOPPERS Beverages,Grocery,Fruits,Vegetable,Meat & More Delhi NCR
10 DAILY VEG Fruits,Vegetables & Dairy Kalkaji & CR Park
11. I SAY ORGANIC Organic Fruits & Vegetables Delhi & NCR
12. NATURES BASKET Beverages,Grocery,Fruits,Vegetable,Meat & More Many locations in India

 P.S. As all these service providers deliver goods at your doorstep, the prices of fruits & vegetables will be somewhat higher than, what you get in your local Mandi or supermarkets like More Megastore.



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