Sunday, May 25, 2014

Conversion Tables

by Khusboo

A big hello to everyone out there, I was a silent reader of hobbychef and when I saw more and more people are participating here to express their love for food in one or the other way, so I definitely would not want to be left behind in the celebrations. I want to make a collection of conversion tables/charts related to cooking/baking here, which will make your task much easier in the kitchen, to start with I am posting two tables and will add on in the same post whenever I find something interesting.


In many recipes we get temperature mentioned in Fahrenheit, but our ovens are set according to temperature in degree Celsius, so this conversion table will give you in quick conversion from Fahrenheit to Celsius and vice a versa.

American Standard


250° F

130° C

300° F

150° C

350° F

180° C

400° F

200° C

450° F

230° C


These measurements are according to STANDARD MEASURING cup, as of now I have data which will be useful for baking but will keep adding more to it. Also, please mentioned in comments below if you have anything to add here.



1 Cup Maida/Plain Flour

125 gms

1 Cup Castor Sugar

250 gms

1 Cup Grain Sugar

250 gms

1 Cup Butter

250 gms

1 Cup Oil

250 ml

Thanks for reading the post friends hope you enjoyed it!!!!

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