Monday, May 12, 2014

Cauliflower(Gobhi) Manchurian in Knorr Chinese Schezuan Sauce

First of all a big thanks to you Richa for treating us with this yummy dish and also for telling the recipe, it came out really well.

In my last post Making HALF a Recipe I mentioned about the Knorr Chinese Packs and I have used schezuan  sauce in this recipe, but will post the review in my next post as it’s already quite lengthy to read.

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For Manchurian:
Gobhi/Cauliflower: 1 Big
Maida/Flour: 3 Tbsp
Corn flour/Corn starch: 2 Tbsp
Water: to make thin paste
Salt: to taste
Pepper Powder: to taste
Rice Flour: 3 –4 Tbsp
Oil: to deep fry
For Sauce:
Knorr Chinese Schezuan: 1/2 Pack
Capsicum: 1/2 Big Chopped finely
Onion: 1/2 Medium Chopped finely
Garlic: 10 Cloves Chopped finely

 This quantity will serve 2 ppl.


For Sauce:

  • Heat oil in a pan, add veggies, cook for 1 min.
  • Mix half the content of the pack in 1 glass water and add to the veggies.

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  • Cook till sauce thickens.

DSC02053 (1024x768)

  • Remove from flame and let it cool down a little.

For Manchuiran:

  • Blanch cauliflower in salted boiling water for two mins.
  • Make thin batter using flour, corn flour, water, salt & pepper.
  • Add salt and pepper to rice flour and keep in separate bowl.

DSC02047 (1024x768) 

  •  Dip cauliflower in the batter and coat rice flour nicely covering all over.

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  • Deep fry and transfer on kitchen towel to absorb the extra oil.

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  • Toss the Manchurian in sauce and serve immediately.

DSC02057 (1024x768)


  • Adding rice flour gives that extra crunch you need not to fry it twice.
  • Deep fry the cauliflower just before serving.
  • Do not add the Manchurian in very hot sauce, let the sauce cool down a little bit then add.

I had send the recipe to Sliceoffme and to Citrus Spice UK.


  1. Lovely and delicious to look at Gobhi Manchurian. Excellent preparation.

  2. Thank you for linking up with In my Veg Box for May 2014 with the theme Cauliflower.I always ordered gobi manchurian in udipi restaurants in Mumbai ,the tiny ones who sport indo chinese on their menu apart from the regular dosa and other fare :) Cheers!