Thursday, May 8, 2014

Cornitos Nacho Crisps

Ever since I have tasted these nachos at PVR Cinemas am a super duper fan of it. I have tried so many brands, flavors available in market and have also made them at home see this for the homemade nachos recipe.

Today I will be reviewing two flavors of Cornitos naming Cheese and Herbs and Sizzling Jalapenos. Served them with Mexican Corn and Bean Salad, will post the recipe in my next post.

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PACKING of the product :-

Comes in the usual airtight bag, with different  colour for every flavour.


 60 Gms for Rs. 35/-


20140505_181335      20140505_181352


This obviously is the most important and interesting part of any review post.



  • As the name says cheese, the first flavour that hits you is cheese and I love it.
  • Yes one can taste flavour of other Italian herbs as well but cheese is overpowering.
  • Bit too salty for me.
  • Flavours are mild and subtle so you taste more corn in it.
  • To please our Indian taste buds some kind of dip or salad is needed with the crisps.



  • The first flavour that hits in this one is tang or sour which comes from vinegar(listed in ingredients).
  • Next comes the sizzling part which is spice from jalapenos and paprika.
  • Flavours are nice and rich and combines well with the  main ingredient corn meal. so a super hit snack for me.
  • As its bursting with flavours already you don’t need any dip or salad can have it all alone… butttt m always greedy for something more…


I liked Sizzling Jalapenos over Cheese and herbs as it has a  better combination of flavours and is full of flavours  than the mild and subtle cheese and herbs.

There are two other flavours available in market Namely Tomato and Mint. I do not recommend both of them flavours do not combine well at all.




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  1. Can u plz gv me d recipe of white dip.. served at pvr wid nachos